Thursday, January 13, 2011

3 days in a row

That's right, getting my blog on.

I even exercised 3 days this week. I'm on a roll- I should take this productiveness to the bank and cash it! I hit up the Target 75% off toys sales today. And got a few good deals, probably could have gotten more, but some lady was snatching it up like all the toyless children in the world depended on her. Which was fine, saved me some dollars for a rainy day. Got some super cute bibs on clearance and a super cute pacifier set.

And since you must know, I also got some multiplication fact cards from the dollar spot. Figured Middle will not become a brain surgeon if I don't help her along the way.

The husband got home and changed to jump on the elliptical. He's been doing great to, toning up the hotness that he has going on. Of course this is after I walked in the room and asked when he changed his initials to B.O. And then it was even better when Baloney walked in and said " WHAT is that smell!" His compromise was spraying his dirty gym shirt with lysol, twice in the pits for good measure. Dude's got to sweat to cut and chisel the body, and he always showers afterwards but..... ew.

So there's blog post three of the week. Off to get my cookie and star.


Mietz said...

I say two cookies deserved. :)

Cotton Corners said...

I love the what is that smell comment, then the lysol deodorant!! LMBO!! I love your blog!! I agree with least 2 cookes :)