Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Middle of January

My girls.

This weekend we went and bought Oldielocks new cleats. And she now has bigger feet than me. And she's only 10. I wonder how big her feet will be, and then I start wondering how tall she will be and before you know it, I have a head full of wonderings of just who she will become. But I never wonder if she'll be serious, or capable or be kind and loving. Because she already is all those things.

Middle was in the paper today. And she was wearing a blue embroidered sundress, with black ballet flats. While playing softball. I wonder if she will always have this classic sense of style. Where she could put on pearls and starched dresses while the rest of the world shows up in shorts and tank tops. I wonder if she will ever base what she likes on other people. But I never wonder if she will smile and skip every day. Or be sweet and so very forgiving. Because she is already all those things.

Baloney was in the paper too. And she took the tee over to the pitcher mound and declared that she "didn't need it. Just throw me the balls." And so the husband did. And every one she kept her foot in perfect form and swung that pink bat, making contact with at least 5 of them. I wonder if she will actually be good at playing ball. Or what sport will she pick, or no sports at all. I wonder if she will be sassy at the times she should be quiet. But I never wonder she will be funny, or determined. Or animated and laughing. Because she is already all those things.

They are all so different, from their hair to eye color to style. In fact the only thing that they seem to have in common is that they are mine. And I love each one the most.

And that is something I never want them to wonder.

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*s said...

oh, i LOVE this!!! brought a tear to my eye. and the pic is AWESOME!!!