Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sometimes, I think people like to put on this face of someone who they are not. I mean- hell yeah I want everyone to think I'm the perfect wife, who raises her beautiful children in their perfect outfits, maintaining the perfect home filled with homemade goodness and fresh baked cookies when they get home. Which there is absolutely nothing wrong with being and doing those things. But give me the mom who points out where she has gone wrong and embraces it, and she and I will be besties.

I am the mom, who while on my road trip last summer, trying to stay awake in the middle of the night as I maneuvered my SUV around the mountains of Utah, (perhaps at higher than posted speeds), sang at the top of my lungs "gonna catch me ridin dirty" by chamillionaire.

I am the lady, who went shopping at our local health food store today, bought tons of healthy fruits and veggies (for 20 bucks! love you cali!) and came home and devoured a plate of leftover chinese. A plate of mammoth proportions.

I am the wife, who when it comes to her husbands taste in shoes, I have no problem letting him know that they are fugtastic. But I will say that I buy him the ugly ones anyways since after all, shoes that you love make all difference.

And right now, while the hubby is downstairs on the elliptical, I am on the internet, but I have every intention of jumping up when I hear the door shut and picking up some weights, you know, acting like I was working out the whole time too. Wink wink.

True dat.

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