Sunday, August 19, 2012


I don't like to be so buys that I miss the right now.
I like seeing my hubby watch his sports
and my Tater making "vroom vroom" sounds with his cars as he plays at hubby's feet.
And I hear silence, as my girls get their clothes and junk ready for school tomorrow.

Every year is bittersweet. I love having my children close. If they are with me, it's like where they are supposed to be. We spend days in the sun, being lazy, picnics and parks. And at the end of every August, my heart gets that little tug as I send them off-again.
I'm so happy for the little time they were all absolutley mine, and I look back and hope I didn't fall prey to the busy, but truly enjoyed the minutes.

The minutes where they scream and fight and Littlest Pet Shops go flying- yeah those I don't remember. Kind of like childbirth. Wait- I remember the hell out of that experience. But I don't think I'll look back on life and say oh how they bickered. Get your fighting out now, learn how to be part of this world, and be in a place where I can correct it, not when they've grown and wonder why they weren't taught. Even I still learn how to deal with people that I'd rather put in a trashcan. A really, smelly, dirty fish guts trashcan. It really is so much better to smile and move along. People will act however they want, just don't have to be their target or their audience.

I've been crafting for my peeps, I'll share those later. 

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