Monday, August 20, 2012


 And they are off.
Another year of school, another year of learning, another year older.
It always reminds me of just how fast they grow. I swear two seconds ago, I was playing blocks with my 18 month old blond haired daughter, in my 2 bed apt. Watching her run around and giggle, and enjoying every baby minute with her. And then I turn around, and she is in 7th grade. What? She has 5 more years until she is a senior in high school. FIVE. I remember when she was five and I walked her to her first day of school. She was so confident in her little skirt and little pigtails. And still is.
She picked out coral shorts for school. Had her schedule and made her lunch. Watched Dance Moms before she left. With her bright pink nails.

Middle is in 5th grade. 5th grade. Her last year before middle school. She has been talking for a few days that she is sad summer is over. I get her sensitive little heart my Middle. Her first day of school of kindergarten killed my soul. Big blue eyes with huge crocodile tears silently streaming down her face. I will always remember the helplessness I felt walking away. Today she still looks at me with the baby blues, but walks tall and straight to where she needs to go. Even if it takes everything in her little sensitive soul to do it without tears. She of course chose bright green pants, and I made a bright green bow to match. She is in a class with her bff, so I know her day will be great.

My Baloney. Woke up at 6. Barely ate breakfast and was ready to go. Brushed her teeth twice, and got her bracelets on. She had to have these little birdie bracelets to match her hair and shirt. That one is my bouncer. She bounced her way into kindergarten, and was beloved by all the kiddos. Today, no different. Bounced in, walked right past the teacher as she tried to introduce herself and found her desk and sat down. and got back up. and sat down.....and got back up. That's my bug.

 Growing up.
My kiddos.

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-V said...

I can't believe how big your spawn and my spawn are getting. It is nuts man. Nuts.