Thursday, August 02, 2012

Things I'm liking right now

Um, yes please to this Anthropologie apron!  I totally will try to make one on my own, but I suck at apron making. My sister has been a recipient of two of mine and well, bleh.

How cute is this fabric "Down Under" by Mint Blossom? I'm thinking of ordering some to make something for Tater......I loves it.

ADORABLE! Cutest address stamp yet. I know someone who is buying a house, this will be the perfect gift!

I have no idea where this is from, but this is super cute. It can be a first dance song, or a meaningful song. Cutesy lovey dovey....and I like it.

I like the Detroit Tigers one for my little fella..... but it's kind of warm here...all.the.time. Hmm

These are super cute! I haven't liked much at PBK, but I love these patterns. Especially the owls. The girls don't need new backpacks this year, but we wear the crap outta lunchboxes....I need to decided asap since school starts in 3 short weeks :(

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-V said...

That stamp is completely awesome.