Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back To School Night

We just had BTS night. Of course with 2 kids in school, we had to split up. I chose the 2nd grade class and sent Hubbilicious to the kindergarten classroom. I picked up the gigundo stack of papers and attempted to sit down in those itty bitty chairs. I just prayed my butt wouldn't be stuck as I tried to leave. The novel "2nd Grade Expectations" was my favorite. I didn't even crack it open. It was about 37 pages, but then when I started glancing through, I noticed that some pages were numbered out of order. How am I supposed to read about 2nd grade expectations when a series of ADULTS can't number the pages? I'll save it for a late night bath read, complete with candles.

The teacher had a little slide show with what takes place, behavior, curriculum, etc. It was nice and informative. A little on the boring side, but it's not like he was submitting it to the Golden Globes or anything. Things were going well, except for I had just wolfed down some steak before trotting over to the school. I started to feel a little tickle, down in the darkest depths of my throat. Panic struck and I pleaded with the Steak Seasoning God.... "please don't make me have a cough attack.... peppercorn, peppercorn go away....I have no water.... what will I do..."

I made it through. I couldn't tell you half of what was said. I noticed my kid has a very neat desk....which if she could bring that knowledge of the word "neat" and apply it to the pit that is her room, I would be happy.

I meet up with Hubbilicious.He has a few papers, and he told me about Kindergarten.

"The one teacher is a scrapper. Not Middle's, but the other one."
"Middle's teacher is very organized."
"They want money. Lots of money."
"Sell some coupons. Because they really want money"
"The chairs hurt my butt."
"They talked a lot."
"That's about it"

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he doesn't work for a research lab. Or the CIA is not using him as an informant.

As we leave, we are checking out some art the kids have displayed. They all have these happy faces that they cut out hanging from the ceiling. Saying things like "Green grass makes me happy." All the cutesy little kid things that they say. I can't find my Middle's circle.. All I'm thinking is that she said something inappropriate like "Toots make me happy" or something. Then I see a circle, half the size of the others, that she cut out. Hers said, "My baby sister makes me happy." Awwwwww, she said something cute! All the while, being true to her journey off the beaten path, with her tiny, little circle.

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