Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back from the mountains

It was fun. Except for the whole raining for 4 1/2 days thing. They say Colorado gets 300 days of sunshine a year. And it just so happens that it's more rainy than sunny while I'm there? In AUGUST? Hmm someone needs to talk to the sunny days reporter.

It truly is beautiful there. We went on this dirt road that gives you a view of the entire city. Except for we didn't bring food. And the road doesn't end. For about 2 hours. And we were HUNGRY. We were about to become the Donner family. You know, the family that ate each other to survive in the mountains in CA back in the olden days. We were that hungry.

We explored, and ate. Grandma's cooking, so we ate a lot.

But we're back now, so back to the daily normalcy around here.

1 comment:

~beautifuldisaster8205~ said...

Welcome back..
Glad you didnt eat anyone..
but just curious...
who woulda been devoured first?