Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I realize that Laura Ingalls would be dissapointed, so would Annie Oakley and Jane Austen. In the things I indulge in. Because I *heart* my Venus Breeze Razor. No more lathering up with shaving cream, which means no more shaving cream can rusting in my shower. You just shave and go. It's amazing because suddenly you are transformed into this 5 foot 10 model, leaping on clouds with a nothing but a silky fabric flowing in the breeze.......

Until your 8 year old bangs on the door to let you know that she HAS to brush her hair THAT VERY SECOND. Because we all know that if her hair has to wait any longer, it will turn purple and fall out. It's true. I've seen it happen. Or.. at least that's what I told her when I saw her. She didn't laugh. I did. Secretly, inside.

But back to the razor. It's awesome. So awesome that the hairs on my legs are shriveling in fear as I even think about it. Gone are the days of useless disposable razors that attack your limbs like a hacksaw. Oh yeah, it's sexytime. Watch out, winter, no stubble here!

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Anonymous said...

I like the gymboree experience story, who do they think they are? Get a life!! I thought the whole idea of sales was to sell the most you possibly can? This is why I like shopping on line I can change my mind a hundred time and shop when it's good for me like 11:00PM. It does cost more but, I feel it is worth it for me!!