Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of school

today was the first day.
of first and third grade.
third grade was rockin.
as was the girl who went.
strong and brave, stylin'
in black converse and argyle knee hi's.

first grade was sad.
she cried.
before we ever left.
teacher was sweet,
and hugged her tears away.
it's harder,
on mom's heart.

school's out.
they are all here and happy.


Anonymous said...

awww...bless her lil first grade heart. HUGS!

Hey...dd wants a rockin' pair of black Converse high tops like your dd's! Tell her we love her outfit! My dd has a pair of black and pink converse high tops right now...size 1...she refuses to part with them (she wears a 2.5/3)..even after they wore a blister on her toe last week. *sigh*

Hey..anytime you want to fly to IL and take pictures for me...I'll be waiting with my wallet open... ;)

sarah said...

middle's tears!

oldielock's hair!

poopers' bangs!

love it ALL.