Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Got nuttin'

Sometimes I sit down to blog and think
"well, I ain't got nuthin to say".
Kind of like today.
I really only have mumbles and curses.
Like I bite my tongue not saying what I
want to say, because I know it's better to
be kind when sometimes I want to be snarky.
I have really really really worked on choosing words wisely.
When it comes to people or circumstance.
Which means I still cuss, and say things that
may just not be right, but I'm trying to remember
that everyone has a heart.
Except for the Grinch...or two.

Besides that, 2 last episodes of my Teen Moms.
Which is good for Farrah because I am about to trot my
happy ass to Florida and have a come to jesus meeting with her.
She is embarassingly rude and epitome of nasty.
Love my Cat and Ty but they need to get their butts in college, like yesterday.
Maci- yawn.
Amber is about a platter high of steaming hot mess.

Tonight's dinner is hot dogs and pasta salad.
Hot out here and I'm kind of lazy.
One kid has practice and two have homework.
My boy is getting sleepy.

And I didn't have anything to say.

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-V said...

I didn't have anything but unkind, okay, unkind is putting it lightly, words to say last night. Hence the janky post I made. Coming home from Austin....WAS TERRIBLE. I will text you why. Blah. Anyways. Mmm Pasta Salad.