Thursday, August 09, 2012

Summer days

Been soaking up the heat with the kiddos, few family visits, completing a few fun projects, and getting ready for the rapidly approaching day of school. I always get sad when my kids go back to school, simply because I like having them around. They are mine, and I'm like a mother chicken/duck/sheep whateva and like them close by. I am also glad to see them go to school and learn about the world and spend time apart so they are far more happy together. ;)

Anywhocares- I have always wanted a photo wall. I can never decide, too many choices of too many pictures, so I jumped in with my idea and just did it. It was so cheap and easy I couldn't even handle it.

I went to Costco and ordered prints of the rugrats. Largest was 18x12, which is the center pic of the kids and wagon. Cost: 14ish dollars

Two sheets of foamboard from Micheals, $2.99 each. I used spray adhesive and mounted them to the foam board, bought some velcro tabs and attched them to the wall.

Letter M was painted white, had a large canvas, painted it, traced the letters and painted them, sanded it a smidge and there is my wall.


Lena Medina said...

I love it! You are so talented and of course, your family is beautiful!

Alison said...

I love it!! I even got the pictures and still haven't done anything so neat!! Hopefully this will inspire me to get something done when my little man goes back to school!