Thursday, June 05, 2008

Clinton and Obama, eat yer heart out.

It's amazing that we have been doing the whole Clinton/Obama campaigns for so long. So many people, torn on who to choose. Constant analyzing on what cost Clinton votes, or why people like one and not the other. How to win, and come out on top. I'm sure a whole lot of moola has been handed out to "advisers" on what should be the next move in their political chess game.

Next time, ask an 8 year old.

I was watching the Today show, and of course it was the elections, non-stop. The following conversation between Oldielocks and I ensued.

"Mom, do you want to be president?"

"Uh..... no. I wouldn't find that job fun."

"I would. I'm gonna be the president."

"Good for you. Go to school, and learn about how to be a president." (I am such a help.)

"I already know. All about the 3 branches of government: the judicial, alleged-slative, and elective. And the White house has 10 bowling alleys and lots of fireplaces." (I think I might have to do my research-TEN bowling alleys? What the nasty bowling shoes and greasy t-shirts?)

"That's important stuff.... it's a hard job." (Not to be confused with jobs under the president's desk, not that kind of job.)

"yes, you check yes or no on a bill. But it would be fun to make the choices for all the United States."

"Yes, but if things go wrong, it's your job to make it right, it's a big responsibility." (Perhaps I should remind past presidents about that little moral tidbit...)

"Well, when I am president, chocolate will be free."

"all chocolate? Hershey's kisses?"

"It's chocolate isn't it?" ( I wonder where the sass comes from) "Hershey's, m and m's, the whole candy section of chocolate."

"well, who will pay the chocolate makers?" (I am always the dream squasher)

"Well, since chocolate is free, I will make the cost of Twizzlers 4 dollars."

(DANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG she is good, inflate the price of something else, to cover the price of chocolate....)

"And, if people don't like chocolate, they get Twizzlers for free, and chocolate for $4.37." (dang chocolate went up like it was a gas price or something.)

And my little President went off to get dressed for the day. Perhaps if we went back to choosing presidents based on the things that matter, like chocolate and twizzlers, instead of whose pastor said what, and whose supporter did what, we'd get a president that makes choices that matter. Just sayin'.

Vote Oldielocks, 2044!

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