Friday, June 20, 2008

It's a hot one.

We're having a heat wave here, and of course I pick the hottest day to go inland, to return some make up. It was 102, which I am sure all the people in Arizona and the Sahara desert are like "So.... grow a pair, that's not hot, that's pleasant." Well, I'm a whiny spoiled west coaster, and it is hot. I'm sitting here, drenched, sweating like a whore in church. That's what we say here in the south. For anyone that wants to point out that I'm not in the "South", well technically I am. Just because I'm not slummin' it in mosquito dunk like most do in the EASTERN south, I am still south. SoCal to be exact.

About to be heading to the pool in a bit, and chill. Literally. A slurpee would be nice. Reaalllll nice.
Might head over to Toys R Us later, got a $5 dollar coupon, which is gold. Will spend it on bday gifts for the almost *sniff sniff* 2 year old.

Oh and, hilarious, yet not so hilarious. I got my very first speeding ticket the other day. That's not the hilarious part. That's the "Holy freakin dog poo that sucks" part. SO today, on the same stretch of road, my 5 year old pipes out, raising her voice over the Lynyrd Skynyrd on the radio,( remember... I'm in the south) and says, "It says 35."

'What did you say?" I holler from the front seat. (Not like I could be driving from the back seat, but just to clarify. Since I'm a speeder, I might also be a backseat driver. This should put all worries to rest.)

"The speed limit says 35. Right there."

I immediately thought of my courtroom speech I would give.

'But your honor, you see, well, what had happened was......This whole time I thought it was 45, and thank god my five year old pointed out the sign, because who knows how fast I would be going, and well, I am just so thankful for children."

Yeah, doesn't move me either. But I guess you can always count on someone to be the police. Even my kids.


TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...
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TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

so i had some serious typos there, starting with Ao, LOL, it should hav said So, its the heat really, its frying my brain, imagine 115 and lots of wind, its like breathing a blow dryer, seriously!!!

Heidi said...

When it was 102 in SD- it was 110 in Bako. Lucky me, I was in Costa Mesa where it was a sticky wet 98 and I was sleeping in a dorm withou A/C. SO much better LOL

It better cool off this week- I'm gonna be at the Mouse House W-F and Shamu's place on Sat