Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Duncan Hines is my boyfriend

Made cupcakes for the hubby's birthday the other day. Made them into footballs..obviously, and the sprinkles are little football helmets and jimmies. Why those little candy sprinkle things are called jimmies, I dunno. Perhaps Hanks or Harveys just didn't have the same ring. maybe they are made out of something nasty like toothpaste and cod liver oil, baked in a tin can, and they laugh their asses off with their whole "jimmied" product. Who knows. Weird.

I didn't go super Martha and bake them from scratch with flour and all that overrated basic household staples jazz. Nosirreee, I brought home my boyfriend Duncan and we had ourselves a baking party. Betty Crocker was begging to come over, but she tries to sell herself as a better product than Duncan, and I need to stand by my man. Know what I mean?

These are the final product. Throw some butter wrappers on the counter and sprinkle cocoa dust in the air, and I can even make a fool out of Paula Deen thinking these were full of homemade goodness. (Love ya Paula!)

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Missey~ said...

love the cupcakes, you did a great job.
I also have to confess I swiped one of your songs from your play list. "That's when I love you".
That is the most awesome song!!!!
I owe you one :)