Friday, June 27, 2008

Uh The Diva cup

It makes me squeamish. There is NOTHING diva like about shoving a cup up your hoo ha and having it fill up like a glass full of Kool Aid. People, or I should say, women rave about this thing. I can't seem to jump on the bandwagon. Especially after reading the reviews

I've been anxiously awaiting my period (how often do ya hear that one?) since I received your product a few weeks ago...

Anxiously awaiting? Only nuns praying they are not pregnant anxiously await that beast. Ok, so maybe undercover nuns like Whoopi Goldberg do, but still.

First off, I am not a gusher; it's just not an aspect of my personality, BUT...Oh My God! I L-O-V-E my new DivaCup...

Gusher? ewww, maybe they should create a Diva Bottle for the gushers out there. Sorry I couldn't resist. It was there, and I laughed and yeah, moving on.

I am all about doing good things for the environment. But sending aunt flo packing in a plastic dixie cup is not my style. It's not. I was skimming through the frequently asked questions, like is it messy? IT'S still a period. I don't care what you say, that stuff is messy, and gross, and nasty. Natural or not. The Diva cup isn't a vacuum that sucks that Uterus lake up to dry. It's more like a holding tank, just like a tampon is.

Can it collect other fluids other than menstrual flow?

WTF??? EWWWW. and talk about needing to talk the drippy shippy to the doc(k) and get it looked at. God my gagger hurts with that one.

Reading the instructions and seeing terms like "bear down" and "squat" sends me running for the hills. Sounds way too much like Pocahontas giving birth.

Yeah, not for me. We all do our part in this world, and I'll be leaving this for the others out there. Especially when this thing involves sizing it and boiling it. Don't worry Tampax pearl, you still got my vote.


Heidi said...

I'm a fan- and once you've tried it, you'll never use a tampon again.

And no, I don't do it for the environment- don't really care about all those tampons filling the landfills- ok, maybe if I thought about it, I do care, that's kinda gross LOL

Honestly, it's the most comfortable product ever believe it or not- and yeah, it is messy- but, um, what do you expect? LOL

Oh, and for 3 years I haven't spent any money on any feminine hygeine products. :)

sarah said...

I think this is very gross. So what do you do in a public bathroom? stand next to some lady emptying out her coochy juice? disgusting. that is very unsanitary.

Heidi said...

Honestly- I rarely ever have to empty it outside of home unless I'm gone for an entire day. Even on a heavy day I can go 6 hours before needing to think about emptying.

sarah said...

yeah, but that's gross too. not "emptying it" for 6 hours. nasty.

Live. Laugh. Love. said...

OMG! Just the thought of "emptying" it had me cracking up! Sorry! Not for me! To each their own, I guess.

TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

Actually, you know how everything about periods is nasty, smelly and well gross. Its because as the blood on pads and in tampons sits there, exposed to air, its growing bacteria and getting well smelly and unsanitary.

The blood in the cups isnt exposed to air and doesnt get smelly at all because its not growing bacteria and so its MUCH more sanitary thant the other options out there.

I use to use the disposable version of the diva cup cause Im just not about washing out the thing, Id rather use and throw away. Im all environmentally friendly that way ;). But I cant use them since I had this 9 lb heffer baby, she ruined me ;)

sarah said...

ummmmm my tampons aren't stinky. there is, for sure, no air getting up in my hoo-ha when there is a cotton plunger stuck up in it. pads are gross, too. the whole thing is gross. and deep down, you all know it. period.

TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

Notice the bit about tampons having air trapped in the fibers ;).

Im curious about these since I cant use the cups anymore myself....

K and now thats way to much tampon/period talk for me ;). Im done

sarah said...

it's still naaaaaasty. no denying that.

~amelia~ said...

Umm yeah i aint putting nothing that cup size up my coochie...
might get mixed up with regular cups and next thing i know, I will be drinking from the coochie cup

Just not my cup of tea!

Anonymous said...

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Lauren said...

To quote my own blog post: "I don't see how any woman in today's environmentally conscious, money-wise and health-obsessed world could logically decide not to even try a menstrual cup... and if anyone knows where I can get a deal on one, please let me know."

Seriously, think about it.

It doesn't smell because the blood can't oxidize. It can't leak no matter how long you leave it in (even past the recommended 12 hours) if you put it in right. The chances of you even having to think about it while you're away from home are slim to none. So you're eliminating the worries we all have when out in public during our periods.

It's non-absorbent, so it doesn't mess up your body's natural cleansing process. You know that TSS warning in tampon boxes? It's there because the tampons absorb the liquid your body uses to flush itself out and avoid infections.

They recommend buying a new one every 10 years... and they cost as much as I spend on tampons every 4 months.

So I say don't knock it till you've tried it... because, as with anything else, you really have no right to if you haven't tried it.

Still not convinced? Try these 3 google searches:

1. "Dangers of Menstrual cups" - you'll find one blog post about another web site that really has no proof behind it... you'll also find my blog post, stating that I can't find any research showing that menstrual cups pose any danger.

2. "Dangers of tampons" - You'll find a whole bunch of personal experiences as well as research documents relating to TSS and other illnesses.

3. "Dangers of menstrual pads" - You'll find a few reports of toxic chemicals being used in the past. You'll also find a whole bunch of people complaining about the smell. (Which is really grotesque, I couldn't stand to go out in public until I was cleared to wear tampons after my son was born).

Living said...

You and some of your readers are idiots.

It folds. It isn't just shoved up there whole. It doesn't smell, hurt, or make you sore. How often do tampons dry you out? Often, for me.

Get your facts right. It also saves a lot of money, and no, blood isn't sprayed all over your bathroom either.

ynara said...

Um, i think the problem is more with the fact that your shoving a cup up ur hooha and letting it fill up...also there IS alot of problems using it. One is the fact that it can shift and SPILL. thats just gross! 2) not everyone is the same. Some people have to "empty"*barf* the cup more often than others. If by chance ur not at home and the time comes, u better hope that u dont gotta visit a public restroom. Imagine you are emptying it, somethings happens and it drops. now imagine that again in a stall...with people on both sides of you. god...and it HAS HAPPENED.
But yea, fk the whole hygienic stuff along with the good for the planet blah blah. its a fkn cup filling up with lining of the uterus for heavens sake. just thanking about having it just sitting there fillin up like a cup of coffee makes me gag. Id never be able to eat tomato sauce again.

Bethany Joy said...

I see ALL sides to this story....believe me, when I first heard about these a few years ago I was GROSSED out and joked about it with my girlfriends (all Barbies mind you, no granolas here).
Flash forward a year. Due to my crazy bad pms and cycle being off and crazy sporatic and heavy due to being a ballerina, I was losing my mind with anxiety: not knowing when or where I would get Miss Flow, and (sorry for the details) had such a heavy cycle doctors found out I was losing ten times the amount a girl should lose during her 7 days, which was leading to severe anemia.

The anxiety alone of leaking was horrible: I couldn't go out, enjoy life. I'm ocd level clean so that was awful dealing with tampons and the backup pad. Anyways it was a nightmare. Which led me to the Diva cup I so mercilessly dissed previously. I needed a solution and I needed one fast. I read dozens of stories and testimonials from REAL women all over the world and was so desparate I thought "I have nothing to lose at this point", went to my local health food store and purchased one.

Dislclaimer: this took a good 5 months to get the hang of but when I did GOOD LORD CHILD how did I not know about these in High SCHOOl?!
Absolutely no odors to deal with, I could actually go out to dinner and not run to the restroom every half hour, my cycle does not dictate what I wear due the before ever-present backup mega pad (I started the boyfriend jean trend lol ;) you DO NOT often have to deal with it in public restrooms (think about it: do you set an alarm 4 hours after you hit the hay for the night to get up and change your tampon or pad? Didn't think so: SO, it isn't weird to have this in during an 8 hour work day) I rarely get cramps (used to be horrible) and if I do they are mild, I have saved HUNDREDS of dollars, and my confidence is fully back, which you cannot put a price tag on anyways!
Believe me: I am a girlie girl if you have ever met one: I had to get over my own hurdles wit this one, but all the hurdles I had where not a problem at all such as cleanliness, public restrooms, the cleaning it out factor etc. When you think about it, you have to pull out a bloody tampon or deal with a pad anyway, so why not make it a sanitary odor free step? Also: side note, they are made of the same stuff as breast implants and other surgical grade items, so you aren't put anything toxic or crazy in you: I watched my sister deal with a bout of TSS and it was scary as she could have died.

PS I do not work for Diva Cup lol. Just a converted hater, like yourself, so I get everything you're saying, cuz I was there too :)
Much love!