Thursday, June 12, 2008

State of the Economy Address

So we all know that the dang United States economy has gone to hell in a hand basket, or some other super grandmariffic saying. Pretty much sucks. As someone who paid $4.47/gallon for stupid gas today, I'm a little annoyed. I really don't need any Chevron or Exxon execs sitting on TV in their Armani suits telling us basically we just need to use less. As if we are all mindlessly driving around, twiddling our thumbs and doing donuts in abandoned parking lots. While drinking Slurpees.
NO, most of us have to go to WORK, to earn the money, to pay for the gas. And ridiculous health care premiums. Because those rat finks are in the kahoots with the oil peeps, for sure. Except for their not wearing Armani, they like more of the Versace look.

All this and I'll probably be rationing dirt next. And just when I think the economy can't get any worse, this happened:

Can I get a break? um... and some stamps? I'm kind of fresh out of them, and well, the cost of them go up too.

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becca said...

Oh my, too funny!!