Monday, June 23, 2008


Example of a photobomber:

See the nice pirate and boy talking trash trying to take a nice picture. Notice Ol' Granny Hag in the background? She's a photobomber. Someone intentionally or unintentionally ruining a otherwise nice pic.

I got sent these today in an email from Sarah, who shares the same inappropriate , bathroom, borderline childish sense of humor that I do. These.are.great. Hilarious. Please don't pee your pants, that would be unsanitary. Next time I spot an innocent group taking a friendly little pic... watch out.

(click on the photo gallery)

and go here:


Anonymous said...
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annoyed?good. said...

lol! I think I spotted Brody Jenner as a bomber in one of those pics.

Anonymous said...

There's a whole site dedicated to photobombers - check out

They're cool and give back by donating to charities