Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Golden Child

I take tons of pictures. Not for money, not for business, but for me. I like to capture every little thing about life. Whether it's my kids picking their noses, or smiling beautifully, I'm there with a camera. I have done tons of studying, reading, practicing, and just enjoying photography. This light is one of the little things that I love. I stand there with a big shit eatin' grin, like a kid at Disneyland hyped up on giant lollipops and soda.

This is the magic light. It comes right before sunset, closer to 5 in the winter, later in the summer, and it's gorgeous. It can turn any old shot into a great shot. It adds a warmth to photos, and it's as if the sun is smiling down, and it makes one smile in return.

Magic light.

I love it.

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