Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aqua and Gray baby quilt

For my own fella, the minute I saw this fabric, it was mine.

Michael Miller in Zoology, in Sea and Gray. I have 3 girls, and tons of girly fabrics, so to find a "boy" fabric that made me swoooooooon, I knew it would be his quilt.
 I loved every aqua/grey combo about it. I paired it with a white chenille back, aqua and gray binding. I photographed him every month on this blanket and I still love this thing.


becca said...

It's beautiful, as all of your creations are! Cannot believe how fast your little man is growing!

Amber McGovern said...

Where did you get these fabrics? I'm looking for the stripes and the "ornament-shaped" patterned one. Thanks!

NeaCakes said...

THose fabrics are Michael Miller in Zoology and I got them off etsy. They are older but if you do a etsy search for them, you may find someone selling them :)