Sunday, July 29, 2012


I went to the Adidas Tent sale the other day. I was really at getting gas at Costco, for $3.61...HOLLA!
(No really, that is a fabulous price for gas around here, and the way my car drinks it like it is water. A girl has got to go where the deals are hot!)

So speaking of hot deals, I'm at the Adidas outlet and spy these cute little things for my little Tater. Oldielocks had a pair of ghetto supastar ones back in the day, and all three of the girls wore them. These little green numbers took me quickly down memory lane and I snatched them up like gravy and biscuits. They were only $15. Swoon went my wallet.

 Then I spied these little chunks of happiness.
 Bright coral and black? Come to mama!
I ripped off my left sandal and threw the filler paper to the ground.
I scrambled my funky toes into those bad boys so fast, and
Meet Coralina and Coraline.
I took them to the counter, sold my firstborn and a kidney and went home.

As I am driving home, my kiddos are playing with the shoes.
Oldielocks is sitting next to me and says
"You wear a size 7? My feet are way bigger."

I'm sorry-what?!?!?!?! I wear an 8. 8 8 8 EIGHT.
I nearly hit the nearest pidgeon as I whip those shoes into my hands and to my utter horror-
the inside tag says 7. SEVEN. do I have right now?
The tag said 8. I swear on it.
They ripped the tag off. Conspiracy I cry.
But even better,
 to kick me when I'm down...
All sales are final.

I could just kick my own ass for not trying on the right foot too. When I got home,
I fell to the floor wailing and gnashing my teeth
I tried them on BOTH feet. The right is a little tight.
But I am frikkin Cinderella and these are my Prince Charmings and by golly, they will work out with me every day.
Cuz forty dollars later........
I am stuck. With pretty shoes and cramped toes.
Who doesn't try on both shoes?!?!?

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-V said...

Maybe they will expand a little with wear?