Monday, July 09, 2012


so I have this friend, that blogs way more often than I do. And to be real, it's just about what she does/thinks/likes on the daily. There is no overabundance of perfect lighting pictures of horrible expensive props trying to create perfect poised moments of her life. Some of the crap she posts is totally nerdtacular and I'm like what.the.nerd. is she talking about. Yet I  like knowing what she is doing... or eating...or stressing about.
I post on facebook like it's my job sometimes, and I like the controlled environment. But then I realize.... I have a blog, where nobody's feelings are gonna get hurt because I said I don't like fish, and then someone's grandma has a fish, and that hurt their feelings that I cannot possibly see the good in fish.....Sometimes I forget blogging can be a stress reliever, and a great way to archive what my life was like in that moment in time.

Like today, I am still in my pajamas. At 12:29pm.
It's 80 degrees out and we are headed to the beach.
Because that's where I live and it's summer.
One of my kids just screamed about there is an wild animal in the house.
I know that story isn't true, because her dramatic self would be climbing the walls in horror.
It's probably a fly.

ANy the point is....

Thus, and furthermore and as a result, I have decided that I shall blog more.


becca said...

I'm very happy to hear this :)

t0urniquet said...
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-V said...

^^that was me because well, I fail. And was logged into the wrong account.

-V said...

Yay. This makes me happy in uh.../backsawayfromkeyboard.