Wednesday, July 11, 2012

making faces

Story of my life.
That one in the middle.
She got a birthday card that said something about being full of sass and spunk.
To which she said "Good thing they said I'm sassy, because I have been that way all year!"
During the school year, she was known for playing with anyone. And one dad came to me and said "Avalon is the toughest girl I know."
Thanks? I think?
She certainly has her own ideas, and her own thoughts. It's kind of hard to parent a kid like that.
She is learning the difference between being vocal, and being respectful.
About how sometimes being kind means keeping your mouth shut.
Not saying things like "Um....I don't mean to be judge-a-mental butttttt.... I don't like the taste of crust" (when being served apple pie.)
She pushes buttons, which is not so cute at 5, now 6 actually.
I hope it comes in handy at 22, when she is blazing trails........still.

She wants to be big, except for when it comes to responsibility, then she wants to whine.
Which really makes me want to whine. And pull my hair out.
I have noticed sugar affects her.
So we have started lessening the sugar she gets.
Not natural sugar, just added stuff.
I'll see if it helps.
Besides sugar is bad for you....
but brownies, banana splits and homemade choc chip cookes are soooooo good.

But she will still be making faces.
Cuz she always has.
And I kinda really like it.

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