Friday, July 27, 2012

Tracin' it back

I didn't mean to not blog for a few days but...... I've been busy.
I've been whoring around on
I'm an extreme genealogy lover.
Love of history, of places, of the past and of family.
I get crazy giddy when I find a match or something new about the people who came before me.
On my mom's side, I can trace them from the plains...
(which cornfields don't excite me, but oh well)
all the way to the east coast.
I vomit heaps of love for all things east coast.
Anne of Green Gables?
Love her.
Big huge farmsteads and country lanes?
Fall leaves and apple trees?
All my people, for many generations.

I have a small window of research time.
It's been interesting. Many old names like Ezekiel and Prudence.
Or Patience. We have one line, with the name quite similar to the movie-
Meet The Fockers.
But the complete 13 year old boy in me came out when I found out that my Meet The Focker family-
is from Weener, Germany.
I've got jokes for days.

So, I've got to get back, I have many more people to find and laughs to have.
I'm off to research Mary Magdalene...another relative of mine. Scandalous!

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