Tuesday, July 24, 2012


hello tuesday.
getting ready to head out and take the kiddos on a bike ride to the duck pond.
and now I have that preschool song stuck in my head
about 5 little ducks.

Got my groceries, having chicken one night, red peppers, corn and glorious ginormous peaches were on sale. I had an avocado and tomato sandwich for lunch. And then Middle and Baloney begged for one too. They loved it, and I'm not surprised because those two will eat fruits and veggies for days.

Did a new work out routine. Had some torture stretches that they call yoga. I flopped over on my face and yelled "pass." I think Jillian yelled back and said "fail!" but I can't be certain. I have been running with the Husband in the afternoons. I'm pretty sure running is for when you are being chased....by a clown... who has a giant fish that he wants you to taste. It.is.not.my.style.

I have to do my Teen Mom recap, failed at last weeks.

oh and the homemade granola came out yumtastic. 


-V said...

I need to join a gym or start exercising or something. Instead of taking 4 hour naps when I get home from school.

Yay for you working out! Do it for both of us!

becca said...

I truly think the term "LOL" is over used and rarely true, but seriously girl, you make me LOL. :D Love ya!