Thursday, October 02, 2008

For those who like pie

pronounced like eye with a p. Hit the "P" hard so you spray when you say it.


1 entitlement crust (after all, this pie is about you)


3 cups of no one likes me
2 1/2 cups of you never ask, sing, talk, write speeches about me
1 c of I know you are but what am I
2 tbs of tears
2/3c you owe me
1/2c blame it on the rain, stars and anyone else but me
1 tsp of self pity

bake until you get satisfactory results. Check it over and over again until you do.

Sit in the corner and chow down on your Hurt pie, after all you worked hard for this pie.

(this is for entertainment purposes only, those who's feelings are hurt, really, really need to stop baking pies.) (This was ghost authored for a FRIEND, by a FRIEND.)


~teachmom~ said...

I know people who like Hurt Pie. One of them chokes on it often. Can you guess who she is? ;) :p
(Hint: Gertrude)

erinann said...

you are genius!