Tuesday, October 28, 2008

halloween's getting closer

I loveeee halloween shenanagins. I always have a cute little menu planned for halloween, decorations, crafts, etc. Even my fingers get in the action. (P.S. my nails are real, the coloring is not. It was night, and everything has a orange hue)

They have cute little peel and stick rock star/punk/halloween type graphics on them. The kids picked them out for me, and chose where to put them.

How cute is this green guy......

And for stupid human tricks, here's mine. I am double jointed. In my fingers, which sucks, because my knuckles will lock the other way. I can individually bend each joint, in different angles. Skills.... I got skills. "Ewwww how do you do that?" is a familiar comment. Grosses the husband out, and the kiddos think it's cool. For now.


~teachmom~ said...

It just means you're extra special, Nea! ;)

But yeah, ewwww! :p


Anonymous said...

eww...KEWL! :D