Sunday, October 26, 2008

the rumor mill

Things I heard this weekend.

*Elmo sleeps with Shamu. EVERY NIGHT. Now, I didn't hear it from a first hand source, but... I heard it. Ponder that and get back to me.

*there's this really catchy tune being sung on some commercial, about manatees the size of Alabama. It's a commercial for a vacation to the Obamas. Says Oldielocks. She wants to go to the Obamas some day.

*My husband told me I looked like one of the Duggars today. He really did. I think I might have to burn my clothing. I had on a super cute, 40's-ish dress, with ruffles. Scandalously short, complete with round toed red heels. That would never fly in the Duggar house.

*I got my nails done for the first time in forever. I don't have fake nails, just my own.
"Oh, you have long nails."
Yeah, I kinda do."
"You do housework?"
"...No..." (thinking she meant for a living, as in being paid to clean, ha)
"Ohhhh that's why. You don't clean, you don't use nails."

Why, at that moment did I feel like she was looking down on me, as in I'm Cinderella's stepsister, instead of Cinderella. I have cleaned many a toilet, puke, dishes, dirt in my life, thankyouverymch. I am never getting my nails done again.

*watched a dinosaur chicken nugget show at the table. But they were Mickey Mouse nuggets. But if you bite the head off, you get a dinosaur....that dances.

and song of the year? "yo yo yo (nasally high pitch) yeah yeah yeah (low deep voice) yo yo yo(long falsetto) ye-aw ye-aw ye-aw.

Tomorrow's Monday. Ye-aw ye-aw.

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Anonymous said...

ahh...I miss the dinosaur chicken nugget dance days...they weren't that long ago. *sigh*

Too cute!