Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sesame Street gots some cool kicks

Baloney lovesssssssss Sesame Street characters. Elmo was the coolest, until Abby Cadabby came on the scene. She *hearts* that girl. At Sea World, they have the Sesame Street Bay of Play, and all the characters. She flips her lid every time we go near the place. It is like a little kid at Christmas, her eyes grow huge, and her grin is stretched further than a Cheshire cat with a face lift.

Sesame Street tried to up the ante by creating a line of New Balance shoes. Old school style, with the characters. Saw them in Parents Magazine and headed over to Kids Foot Locker. She nearly leaped out of the stroller, climbing the walls, clambering for these shoes. They had green and yellow Oscar the Grouch's, red and orange Elmo's, and black and blue Cookie Monster's. She was allllll about the Cookie. Cookie I said. Just to clarify. But every time we went into the store, they never had her size, and they were 42 dollars, which is a lot. For shoes she will grow out of. But they are damn cute.

I felt like the whenever we went in there. She knew exactly where they were, and took it well every.single.time. we left empty handed. There are just some things that break your inner mommy heart when it comes to disappointing your child, and especially when she never throws a fit, when she is told no about it. We went in their last week, and no more Cookie. He's gone. Never to come back.

So I googled around the Internet, to see what was out there, and hell-to-the-yeee-haw, I found the shoes. On sale. At Amazon. For EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. I think I got whiplash trying to get my card out fast enough. I told her the mailman was bringing her Cookie shoes and they arrived today. We find the box on the porch, she brings it in, and kept asking what it was. We sat down on the floor and opened it. The minute she saw the box, she ripped the paper, started dancing, and I thought her little heart would burst from happiness. "Cookie shoes!!! Mommy, look!! COOKIE SHOES! For my feet!!" "Try them on? Cookie My shoes?" and was shaking, she was trying so hard to put them on.

She is now sitting on my bed, with a book, cookie shoes on, and pajamas. All is right in her little world. Cookies and all.


Anonymous said...

awww... my dd wanted to day... "Adorable!" about the shoes. She was once an Elmo/Cookie fan, although her Elmo shoes weren't nearly as cute as these Cookie New Balances! I'm so happy you found Baloney her fave shoes and at a bargain price. She's a happy camper. ;)

J. Leigh Designz said...

Awww, how cute. I must admit though those Cookie shoes are rockin'! Yuo got yourself a fashion diva already LOL!

Who is the charactor in pic #2? She is cute!

~teachmom~ said...

How cuuuute is that!? We're not big on the Sesame Street here, but I would totally get these for my nephew if I knew I could get his size right, for that price! :)

NeaCakes said...

That character is Abby Cadabby. She is cuteeee and sassy. No wonder Baloney relates. LOL