Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WTF Wednesday #8. Open letter time.

Yes double WTF's today.

To the Dirtbag McGee in Kentucky,

I'm a mom. Not much gets by me. In this house, we work hard for what we got. Whether it's clothes or coloring books, it's ours. We earned it. Through sweat and tears and savings. Every friday we eat pizza. We like to call it Pizza Friday. Not Dirtbag McGee Friday. Last friday you made it all about you.

Money gets lower, closer to payday. We do what we have to, so it was Little Caesar's day. We don't mind 5 dollar pizzas and some rockin' crazy bread. We do, however mind getting declined. Turns out there is a freeze on our card. And racing to the bank ATM, wondering all kinds of crazy things. Turns out our stuff is just fine.

Til we get home. And there is a message on the answering machine.

It's frickin XXXXX-XXXX fraud department for our bank.

WHAT THE Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?!?!? How about triple WTF's covered in whipped cream and nuts on top.

Seems to me, Dirtbag McGee, you took some money. That doesn't belong to you. From OUR account. Placing "skimmers" on gas pumps, atm machines, card machines in places such as Target, Wal Mart, grocery stores, etc. Low life scum,such as yourself, out there stealing numbers and making fake cards. Actual fake frikkin' cards. With anyone's number. The card is never out of their sight. It's not stolen off the internet. Or anywhere. Stolen from unsuspecting people, who sweat, work, spend hours away from their families, just so you can get wasted. And buy some nice knock off purses and cheap leather jackets. And a Magic Bullet Blender. You seem like the lazy type.

Dirtbag McGee, you stink. You smell like the 400 dollars you stole. But, as smart as you think you are, you're not. They caught you at your game. They smelled stinky moldy butt from a mile away and knew something was up. So, my money is still mine.

Get a job.
Get a life.
Take a bath, DirtBag.

(and I can joke about this, simply because the fraud department rocks. They caught it within minutes of it happening. Besides, go ahead, take my money, I wiped my butt with it. Not really, but 10 year old humor gets me through life.)


~teachmom~ said...

Seriously, Nea? This happened? Ugh----man, things are getting freakin scary out there.
I am sorry this happned, but I am glad you have a good bank with a good fraud department. I would have FREAKED out!


J. Leigh Designz said...

Glad things worked out!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this one even had me saying "WTF" over and over! ;) I'm so sorry this totally stinks..and that's putting it mildy. (I'm trying to break my habit of cursing). It's good to know there are banks with excellent fraud departments/people! HUGS!

erinann said...

Yay! for fraud departments! I have been there! Twice in the last couple of months!

I love your take on it. You have such a positive, witty spin on it all! We should all be more like nea!

TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

Weirdness, never had this happen but since reading this, our bank called us to be sure it was us using our cards, dh is out of town and since we are using our cards in separate places it sent up a red flag, they actually declined an online video game purcahse I tried to make and I had to resubmit it. Glad they are out there looking out for us all.