Tuesday, September 02, 2008

parent homework sucks

Middle came home with this homework assignment today.

Pretty much we have to write a little paragraph about her name. And why we chose it. If we named her after anybody, does it mean something special? Stuff like that.

I don't know how to write an appropriate answer.

One of the real reasons:

"Middle's name is Middle Aspen. We chose her name, even though we really wanted her to be Aspen, but her dad was afraid that people would call her Ass. Please don't call her Ass now that you know the true story behind her name."

The meaning of her name is unimportant to us, so here is me trying to defend the meaning:

"Middle's name means 'woman from Magdala'. But she's not. From Magdala, that is. She's from a midwest town. So, it really has no relevance. Unless she moves to Magdala, so then she can say she's from there. I guess."

The who-really-cares-and-is-she -going-to-be-graded-on-this meaning:

"Her name would have been Epidural, because at the very end, I really wanted one. And since she flew out like a speeding bullet, I really didn't have the time to smile and say her name. Because I won't be held responsible for the things that came out of my mouth after the no pain medication style birth. So Middle seemed to be the only safe thing coming out of my mouth at the time."

or the super thought provoking soap box:

"Her name is Middle. There are lots of people with the name Middle. Middle, the name, is not special. It just isn't. But Middle herself, she will give the name Middle, a meaning. A meaning to where, the next time you meet a Middle, you will immediately think of my Middle. And that's where her name becomes special."

or *sigh* this, not because the other reasons weren't good enough, simply because it is first grade and 7 rows of ruled paper, big fat style, complete with dashes for using perfect handwriting:

"We named her Middle because we thought it was a beautiful name. It was the ONE name we both liked. And Aspen, because it just seemed right."

I'm guessing the last one.


Heidi said...

yeah, I feel ya there- whenever people ask, oh, why'd you name (either girl) her that? I reply, cause it sounded pretty and we agreed on it LOL

Anonymous said...

heehee..parent homework...

teachmom said...

Oh, (sorry) but I sooooo don't miss that! ;)

But overall, on the comments about the kids' names, they're pretty tame. The confusion usually lies in 1.) why we call ds by his middle name, and 2.) how do we spell (and why) the girls' names. Neither of those answers are all that complicated, but people sure do find a way of making it so.....

TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

personally I like soapbox version ;).

I hate it when people ask where Gage's name came from, cause then I have to tell them I got it for the addorable/evil little boy in Pet Cemetary. Because he was the cutest little boy ever, not because he was evil ;).