Friday, September 26, 2008

Smells like... blueberry pie.

Today in the car......

Oldielocks: "Middle, did you REALLY think Daddy's shoes smell like blueberry?"

Middle: *giggle* "noooo! at first I did......."

Oldielocks: "You really did. I saw you."

Me: "why would you think Daddy's shoes smell like blueberries?" (all I am thinking is how odd are my children, really.)

Oldielocks: "Because he took his shoes off and said, 'My new boots smell like blueberry, want to smell them?'

Middle: "But it was a TRICK! *giggle giggle* They really don't smell like blueberry."

Oldielocks: "Yeah I know. He holds them up for you to smell, and tells you they smell like blueberry, and shoves his stinky shoes in your nose."

Oldielocks: "and Middle fell for it."

Middle: "SO DID YOU!!!!"

Not only are my kids dirty shoe sniffers, they are suckers. They're doomed.

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