Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vocab lessons

Today, after picking up the kids, in heat, we stopped at Walgreens to grab some drinks. We are walking across the ground, and some young punk has spray painted a word on the ground. I walk past it, paying no attention, when I hear:

Oldielocks: "Vuh-Geena"?

Thanks taggers. Was it a goody two shoes kid with one leg on the wild side, who lacked the inner city slang knowledge, to write something other than the proper term for female anatomy? Or perhaps it was the child of a gyno trying to educate the world. I dunno, if I'm gonna go through hassle of doing something illegal, I'm gonna go big. And show off my creative side. Like Dirty Birdie Doo Doo Eater. Or if I'm sticking with the female bits, I would have "Cooter" or "Hoo Haa Hattie was here." Anything but "vagina." Next time it will be "Appendix".

I guess I try to find the bright side, cup half full, and be thankful that they didn't write "a-hole" or something.

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J. Leigh Designz said...

Tag you're it!
Come see my blog to see why :)

So, I have to ask....did she know what it was and if not...did you tell her?